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What do they eat for breakfast?
How many have a mobile telephone?
Who decides what they can buy?
Who are their favourite characters?

These are some of the questions we can answer.

Based on a specific methodology, focused on children, so as to seek their rhythms, attention and understanding, this is a study which allows:
• Covering a wide variety of subjects;
• Flexibility in the issues to be addressed;
• Multiple possibilities for exploring any particular item: spots, concepts, photos…;
• Observation of reactions through any stimulus: games, language, form…;
• Audio /video recording and/or viewing;

Appropriate for post-testing of:
• Characters, series, films…
• Products…
• Promotions, collections
• Fashion trends
• Summer campaigns

For pre-testing of:
• Characters, series, films…
• New concepts and new products
• New trends

We respect the natural reaction time of each age group, so as to avoid fatigue and precipitated answers – Maximum duration of the interview: 30 minutes

> Multi-client Study
> Personal and Direct Interview



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