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In order to achieve quality, INTERCAMPUS is an active member of various associations created specifically for this effect, such as for example: APODEMO [Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Estudos de Mercado e de Opinião], MSPA [Mystery Shopping Providers Association], AIMRI [Alliance Of International Market Research Institutes] and EphMRA [European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association].

INTERCAMPUS is a founding member of APODEMO [Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Estudos de Mercado e Opinião]. Our Managing Director has successively been part of the management boards of this Association for over a decade, and has actually been its Chairman, while currently occupying the position of Chairman of the General Assembly.
One of the priorities of APODEMO, as a representative of the activity in Portugal, was the preparation and approval of Quality Standards for the Sector - CODEMO - Código Português para Estudos de Mercado e Opinião.

The Managing Director of INTERCAMPUS is a member of AEDEMO [Asociación Española de Estudios de Mercado, Marketing y Opinión] and ESOMAR [The World Association of Research Professionals], which group associated “providers” and “clients” of market research, having approximately 4000 members throughout the entire world. Its mission is to promote deontology and the use of market research, supporting national companies, both at the level of training as well as in terms of conflict resolution which may exist between the different entities involved in the sector.

INTERCAMPUS fully observes the ICC/ESOMAR international code, as well as all the specific guidelines for different types of surveys, data collection methodologies, special precautions to have with the different targets, etc.

In addition to rule all its activity by these strict Quality standards, we have internally established a series of control programmes to certify the quality of the studies we carry out.

We achieve the highest quality, by following certain control procedures applied to all the development phases of the research, namely:

1. Design of the questionnaire
2. Selection of the interviewers
3. Undertaking of the fieldwork
4. Recording and data entry
5. Analysis and Report




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