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Daily national Television Audience is already a reality in Mozambique

Intercampus of the GfK Group is performing since May 31, 2010 a daily study of TV audience of open channels in all provincial capitals of Mozambique.

According to this study, which covers the period from May 31 to June 13, 2010, data shows there is no absolute leader among the channels studied. The evaluation at the end of the first two weeks also shows the effects of the World Cup at the hearings of the TVM and Record Mozambique.

After a first daily study in April in which we ascertained the leadership of STV, it loses ground to TV Record and TVM. In the first week under review, the leadership is disputed between STV and Record Mozambique, since it has the leadership of average weekly audience, reinforced by the results of average audience for the weekend. [See Figure 1 and Chart 1].

In the second week under review and with the beginning of the emissions from World Cup, the leadership begins to be played between the Record Mozambique and TVM. The Record Mozambique is a leader average audience during the second week under review, which is further strengthened by the results recorded on weekend of 12 and 13 June [see Chart 1].

Fig. 1 – Average Weekly Audience [May 31 to June 13, 2010]

Chart 1: Evolution of Average Daily Audience [May 31 to June 13, 2010]

For the programs with the greatest audience in the week of May 31 to June 6, were the “Jornal da Noite” on Wednesday (02/06) of STV, "O programa do Gugu" of Record of Mozambique on Sunday (06/06) and “Jornal da Noite” of Thursday night's STV (03/06).

Fig. 2: Most Watched Programs of the Week of May 31 to June 6th, 2010

For the week of 7 to 13 of June 2010 the most viewed were “Jornal da Noite” of STV on Tuesday, Wednesday and Monday and the “Telejornal” of TVM on Wednesday.

Fig. 3: Most Watched Programs of the week of 7 to 13 of June, 2010

The new methodological model has an advantage in producing evaluations of daily, weekly and monthly which allows to understand developments and changes over time. For more information contact geral@intercampus.co.mz.

The universe is composed of individuals of both sexes, with 15 or more years old, living in the provincial capitals of Mozambique and who watch television. The sample is consisted of 5985 valid interviews (representing a confidence level of 95% and a maximum error of + / - 1.3%) and was checked a minimum of 384 interviews per day. The information is collected through direct and personal interview (Maputo and Matola) and telephone (provincial capitals), based on a questionnaire prepared by the Intercampus being held daily in the days immediately following the schedule of open channels. The above data correspond to the programming period between May 31 and June 13, 2010.

AThe Intercampus - Market Research, Ltd. is a Mozambican company and formally started its operations in Mozambique in 2007 and is part of International Group GfK.

GfK is the fourth largest market research company in the world. Its business covers five areas: Custom Research, Retail and Technology, Consumer Tracking, Media and Healthcare. The Group comprises 150 companies in over 100 countries and over 10,000 employees. In 2009, the GfK Group sales amounted to 1.16 billion euros.

Reissue of the Best Brands of Mozambique

– The project MMM is back in 2010 with new assessment components and with a boarder number of sectors

After the first edition of the Project Best Brands of Mozambique in 2009, the Intercampus of GfK Group in a partnership with DDB Mozambique, presents for the second consecutive year the survey of Best Brands of Mozambique.

Our commitment to the developing the marketing area and the recognition of professionals in this area remains and we are pleased to present in this new edition some developments over the previous year.

For this year’s edition highlights the increase of the sectors included in the survey and also the inclusion of the evaluation of the brands by responsible for Marketing of Brands in Mozambique.

In sum they will be 20 sectors and a set of 195 brands to be evaluated accounting for about 23474 interviews in all provincial capitals.

The project will continue to work in their major platforms: Tv program, workshop, website, magazine.

The television program will continue with the same line, with specific and dynamic contents and to create interactivity with consumers, demonstrating the true factors of the market and progress in the areas of Branding, Marketing, Strategy, Advertising, Events and Market Research, both within and outside of the country.

The Workshop is scheduled for November 3, and once again counts on the presence of prominent personalities in the field of Trademarks, Strategy, Advertising, among others.

The Website will be bilingual, continuing with the same structure and dynamics.

The magazine also in English and Portuguese, as in the previous edition, will be launched at the official event of the ranking of the Best Brands in Mozambique and will be, first, a publication specializing in the field of Trademarks, Research, Marketing, and secondly, a publication of reference in the economic area as also for those who make the Marketing Strategies, Business and Communications their professional or academic every day.

Through the means mentioned above, the MMM intends to continue to awaken the initiative to invest in projects that add internal value to the country, being an official channel of communication of Marketeers and entrepreneurs.

We are grateful for the countless contributions of all those that clearly contributed to the success of this project that we understand as of all and of Mozambique

For a list of brands in evaluation click here

To see the methodology click here




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