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Created over 70 years ago as the first German market research entity, with more than 115 subsidiaries, offices and holdings in a total of 90 countries, the GfK Group is one of the leading companies at a world level in the area of market research.

We provide information services to clients in the most diverse sectors: Industry, Retail, Services and Media.

Our information is used in Marketing decision-making.

Being a company with a longstanding tradition, we seek to maintain the continuity of decades of success in our work.

As a "provider" of knowledge, we want to be in the first place in all the global markets in which we operate – in the interest of our clients, our collaborators, the company, our shareholders and the public in general.

GfK – Retail Panel

»» Definition
A “Retail Panel” means: The study of a constant group of establishments which participate on a regular basis, providing their information.

»» “Retail Panels” answer to basic marketing questions:
How are the markets behaving in relation to the same period of the previous year?
What is our behaviour in relation to the market?
What types of products show the highest growth rate?
What is our positioning of prices relative to the competition?
What is our behaviour in the different distribution channels?
How is our price policy affected in relation to sales by our competitors?

»» World service with common methodologies
The data collection methodology of GfK is standard.
In the most important sectors, GfK has a common focus regarding coding techniques, data collection and production.
GfK distributes this service all over the world through advanced information systems, using “Standard” reports.

»» GfK reports reveal a continuous photograph of the market…


GfK – Retail Panel – Telecommunications Panel

The “Telecommunications Panel” in Mozambique began in July 2007, with an analysis of the Mobile Telephone and Smartphone market.
The periodicity of this panel is monthly and covers specialists in telecommunications and all the other consumer electronic retail channels.



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