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What is a Mystery Client?

The traditional studies on consumers tell us why consumers adopt certain behaviours; however this information is limited to what they remember, their personal impressions, their desire to be honest…

In a Mystery Client study the answers tell us what really happened [when and where] during client attendance.

The Mystery Client is a study technique whose final objective is particularly focused on improving the service provided to clients.

This technique involves the use of specially trained “people” to observe and measure the nature and quality of the services offered to consumers. According to this methodology, the auditor presents himself/herself at the shop as a client / potential client, simulating usual situations [which have previously been defined in a script / questionnaire], but never revealing his/her real purpose.

The essential advantages of the methodology are that it is possible to assess situations identical to those occurring on a daily basis, without the participants being aware that they are being assessed [hence their reactions are not adulterated due to the pressure of being assessed].

In ethical terms, it should be noted that this methodology should guarantee that individual privacy is respected and that the individuals subject to the study are not in any manner harmed by it. Furthermore, this technique should not be used for purposes other than that of the study itself, that is, the individual assessment of the performance of a certain employee for possible disciplinary action.

This methodology allows the assessment of:

• Atmosphere and conditions;
• Performance versus quality standards;
• Politeness and willingness of the employees;
• Knowledge of the product and internal processes;
• Procedures for exchanges, repairs, complaints;
• Client support lines;
• Merchandising at the sales point and availability of products
• Price audits
• ...

In Portugal, INTERCAMPUS has a vast experience in Mystery Client studies, on-site or by telephone, in practically all activity sectors:

> Healthcare [Pharmacies];

> Automobile Market [Concessionaires / rent-a-car];

> Fashion, Textiles and Clothing Manufacture [Franchising Chains];

> Training Centres;

> Banks and Insurance;

> Catering;

> Telecommunications;

We have a team of trained shoppers with appropriate profiles for the specificity of each project [sex, age, driving license and vehicle, etc.]. All our shoppers can use their personal data.

INTERCAMPUS is an associate member of MSPA Europe [Mystery Shopping Providers Association].




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