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Market Research provides answers to problems as varied as the methods it use.

One of the basic assumptions of Marketing is based on the idea that, nowadays, organisations [public or private] should seek to identify the needs of their consumers [obvious or latent] and satisfy them better than the competition does.

Therefore, market research is a priority. The research of various markets and respective segments is imposed naturally and incontrovertibly for companies wanting to be competitive in the global economy in which we live today.

INTERCAMPUS has been in the Portuguese market since 1990, and has formally initiated its activity in Mozambique in 2007.

Our mission is, as we strictly advise our clients:

collect to know, know to decide

An associate member and founder of APODEMO [Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Estudos de Mercado e de Opinião – Portuguese Association of Market Research and Opinion Poll Companies], we run business with quality, strictly observing the codes of conduct and deontology of the market research activity.






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